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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Control for Virtana

The company has reached notable growth in channel sales. New customer and in Hybrid cloud infrastructure offerings

Virtana is the head. In hybrid cloud infrastructure control. For big workloads. It is coming off the standard in the year 2019. Which highlighted the company’s rebrand plan from Virtual Instrument. Moreover, the addition of its control market in hybrid base control. The company has stated that it has gained notable growth. Plus record booking in new clients buy. Moreover, a 50% increase in the channel business was started. Furthermore, a 50% increase in the cloud business over the last 12 months.

At August 2019, The company stated the purchase of Metricly software. As a solution. Based cost cloud, monitoring and optimization platform. The purchase has allowed the company. To grow its cloud transfers, analytics, and monitoring selection. That it can offer to its customers based on software. As a solution project. Moreover, control across many cloud environments.

Virtana has also changed its model of business. To add self service software as a solution. And test version that is downloadable of the solutions it provides. Moreover, it launched a new version of the hybrid control solution base. VirtualWisdom also WorkloadWisdom. It further stated CloudWisdom as a new product. That is base on the technology from Metricly. This offers a groundbreaking, software as a solution based cloud price monitoring. And optimization. The company also offers the industry’s only open program. Which can monitor and cost plan. And automate the workload size.

Building on this momentum. Virtana made several important connections. And also stated the partner program. That lets it improve the position of the company. In the global ecosystem for growth in the year 2020.

Fully Artificial Intelligence. Powered Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Control. And Platform of AIOps

As of today. The companies are welcoming a hybrid cloud infrastructure design. So they can meet the needs of many application workloads. However, there is a lot of difficulties. Included in today’s virtualized, multi-cloud, hybrid environment. Moreover, That created important automation. And Control challenge for its plan and base teams.

Building in the long skills in AI-powered analytics. Moreover, The company Virtana designed the entire solution portfolio on the AIOps method. This makes some great changes. In making IT Control. Also, Being able to monitor, imagine, examine and optimize the performance. Also health, capacity, and power of the model. And base inside the setting of the application.

Also, The research of EMA continuously stresses the need to link performance. Cost review, and moreover, ability. Across major IT-based and other application environments. This is common in cloud shift and cloud optimization. Furthermore, Managing the factors actively will make the way. For change digitally and offer useful business-related results. Also, The evolving and different collection of Virtana. Has marked this requirement. And is put well for helping its customers in quickening business actions. That is important in hybrid and cloud context.

Product upgrade and launch of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

At October 2019. The company has announced the launch of CloudWisdom. Which is a Software as a solution platform. That limits the risk. And cost of running a public cloud base. Cloud wisdom optimizes public cloud computing. And capacity by hinting changes. That are different from the application. Using algorithms from machine learning. The ability allows clients to avoid bad performance. And moreover, overprovisioning which are commonly associated. With the environments. That is treated in the public cloud. This is tightly joined with VirtualWisdom. Features along with Cloud Wisdom features. And Cloud native that is used for monitoring. From a single glass pane.

When the second half of 2019 started. Virtana made notable changes to VirtutalWisdom. The market’s most easy hybrid cloud infrastructure Control. And AIOps platform. The newest platform gave better clarity. And better check with clear space control. The new feature also included the Workload Drift Analyzer. Workload RightSize, and Capacity Auditor.

The company Virtana has moreover. Began wisdompacks which is a set of supplier challenger integration package. Furthermore, It is created to make it easy for a partner. To deliver detailed IT optimization. And monitoring offers that are tailored to meet the needs. Of its companies customers. Moreover, The WisdomPacks simplify the process of deployment. Of VirtualWisdom by having capabilities that are great. Moreover, the best practices with studies. To make an increase in knowledge. Furthermore, it improves, discovery, visibility. And monitoring for any environment.

Relationships with Customers

Virtana has driven real growth. In the companies new clients in the year 2019. With the gains that are most powerful in financial services. Healthcare and cloud provider service markets. Virtanen’s customer collection has added. More than 50 of the largest US based healthcare companies. Moreover, it has more than 40 of the global financial institutions. That is leading in the industry. The customer of the company also includes the global brand in insurance. Manufacturing, utilities, and energy. Moreover, customer and retail services. Service provider and telco and technology. And business services.

Awards of the Channel

At 2019 in April. CRN had given the company Virtana. With a 5 star rating in the 2019 program partner guide. Hence, this name the most successful. And the strongest partner in IT services and products. Moreover, The fame of the award marked. Virtana’s 3rd continuous 5 star ratings by the CRN

The channel CRN also named Paul Brodie. Who is the vice president of Virtual instrument. To the respected list of 2019 chiefs of the channel. This recognized top IT channel leaders. Who constantly try to increase income. And growth in their companies. Through their partners in the channel.

About Virtana

The company Virtana is a leader. In the Hybrid Cloud Base control company. Moreover, It provides a detailed hybrid IT base. With realtime monitoring. And Artificial Intelligence powered analytics for the companies data center. The company solution gives the IT team of operation. Furthermore, Deep visibility of workload. And actionable insights into the end system. That supports an application. That is mission critical. The customers of Virtana include the leaders in the business of IT. The service providers of cloud and federal agencies. They are using the platforms of the company. To maximize their production. Usage of hybrid Cloud infrastructure. And health.

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