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Google Cloud Platform has Real-World Data Available

The MyStudies platform of FDA is now available on Google Cloud. This is a tool that has an aim. It collects real-world data. Improving advanced medical research and clinical trials.

It was launched in Nov 2018. The platform is an open-source technology. That supports biologic, drugs, and device organizations. The report and collect real-world data. That is for governing submissions.

Google Cloud works to the expansion. Of the platform for MyStudies. Moreover, it includes privacy controls that are configurable. Furthermore, it also includes built-in security along with the ability for research organizations. They can protect and detect personal identities automatically. Moreover, whenever a company deploys FDA MyStudies. A setting is created. It allows only that organization and its employees to access it.

The Benefits of Google Cloud with MyStudies

This technology will allow organizations. In selecting what research is meant for whom. Moreover, who should be getting to access and what clinic. Furthermore, this will help in optimizing the use of data.

Google Cloud’s manager Rogers wrote. The platform that is developed by the FDA will be stimulating an open ecosystem. this will improve the ability of organizations. As they can perform research. That will lead to patient outcomes.

He further said. On a recent blog post. That the collaboration is continuing the long history. That of open-source working together. The commitment of producing easy to use tools which serve life science and healthcare community.

The platform includes features that are important. Moreover, let the support of patient accessibility and privacy.

Additionally, the sponsors of the study are familiar with the existing MyStudies platform. This is to build customized and branded mobile applications. That will administer questionnaires that can evaluate patient-reported outcomes. Moreover, the report of prescription and medication use over the counter. Furthermore, it will also reveal other patients’ experience and trial medication diaries. By the support of sponsors. They can leverage the data and benefit from the platform.

The Additional Settings by Google Cloud

Google Cloud has also announced that it will equip MyStudies platform with additional settings. This will reduce the overhead and complexity. A click to deploy option will be available. Later this year in Google Cloud Marketplace. This will be beneficial for study designers. That doesn’t want to build a submissive environment from start.

MyStudies is built privately using the option. From the repository of open source. It is then configured to allow the best practices. In which it can operate with the selected Google Cloud service. This will allow research groups in establishing their very own platforms. That is preconfigured in the FDA’s MyStudies in minutes.

Consistent with the obligations. In the 21st-century cures act. FDA takes part is a private demo as well as the public. This is to advance governing science. In the real world evidence. Patient projects that launched the MyStudies is a step that is taken towards this goal.

Real-World Evidence with Google Cloud

David Martin who is an associate director. Of the Real World evidence Analytics. Moreover, at the office of medical policy. Along with in FDA center for drug research and evaluation has said. That MyStudies is available publically. However, it required the expertise of a professional. Moreover, time to progress. To Deployment from open source resources. Of a new platform. Google Cloud is working to create a click to deploy option. Which will be linked to health data analytics and management.

Supporting the MyStudies platform. Will be also helping Stanford University project. Of MyHeart Counts. This open enrollment study is aiming to collect physical activity data. This will be done from phones and other devices that are wearables. Moreover, will answer to survey question. which will be related to physical activity. Furthermore, to an individual’s health.

The current application is available on IOS only. Using MyStudies will enable researchers to have apps on both ios and android. they will be able to have randomized controlled trials. As well as, multi-arm. The improvement of the platform will be made. This will allow researchers to deploy and configure studies in some days. Rather taking months. Without the need of developing software.

Tapping into the Digital Era

Professor Euan Ashley is DPhill and MBChB. A professor of genetics, medicine and furthermore, biomedical data. At Stanford. The professor said that this is the digital era. Everyone uses smartphones. A trial hosted on an app will let them tap into a huge population. They are grateful for Google’s support as it will enable them to expand their reach. Including Android participants as well as IOS. Moreover, it helps in incorporating an open enrollment randomized controlled trial. Which will be in a mobile application for the first time.

Apps like MyHeart Counts allow experts. To connect directly to patients. This way is more extensive and immediate. The sensor-based measurement and direct collection take place. The support of Google will not only help in organize and deploy. But will also make it more reliable and faster. However, ultimately will be helping doctors and patients in noticing health-related issues. For them to address it sooner.

With the support of MyStudies on Google Cloud. The Stakeholders are advancing the use of data in real-world healthcare and medicine research.

Rogers concluded that the spirit of their commitment to healthcare and open source. Has enabled Google Cloud to be investing in MyStudies. This will bring improvements that are general. Moreover, expand the number of supported assessments. Hence enabling integration with downstream analytics. Moreover, with visualization tools.

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