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AWS initiates to bring the cloud into Data Centers

Outposts, a private cloud stack was announced in 2018 by AWS. However, in the year 2019, the improvements were made. The improvements made the service available generally.

Outposts announced to be generally available in the Las Vegas event. The CEO, Andy Jassy explained the new approach. Discussion took place why Outposts is a good solution for workloads.

Is AWS Outposts a Good Solution?

Jassy, the CEO spoke at the event. He explained that Outposts is a solution that require compute resources. This is because of the need for low latency. Hence, Outposts and its services can be beneficial.

Jassy also criticized the existing solution. He claimed they lacked a smooth connection. Which is between on-prem hardware and the cloud. The CEO claims Outposts can fill the gap easily. He has thought of this using a different approach. With Outposts, AWS servers will get racks. Moreover, servers will have Machine Learning on them. Not only this but storage, analytics, and the database will be included as well. The consumer has to decide the mix of things and Outposts delivers it!

Outposts and its Offers

A special team is formed in the Amazon to handle Outposts. Therefore, The team is responsible for monitoring, management, and installation. The services included in the Outposts are:

  • Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • ECS
  • EMR
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service

Not mentioned in the list is the S3 Storage. However, Amazon promising its availability in 2020. Many companies have implemented Outposts. Morningstar and Philips Healthcare have already taken advantage of low latency.

Moreover, Companies with no or little experience with the cloud can experiment. Therefore, Outposts allow them to experiment in a cloud-like environment. The environment is manageable on VMware or AWS console.

Amazon even made it simple for customers to signup. Hence, the Outposts features similar signing up inference like EC2. The customer only has to submit an order. Which then gets to the Outposts team. After this, installation and stacking take place.

Amazon’s team has made a promise. The promise is to handle all maintenance. This is similar to dealing with the public cloud system. We must also not forget the recent announcement. During it, the company stated the plans. They plan to work with system integrators to handle the massive workloads. The improvements are expected in the year 2020. Along with the upcoming years.

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